Why should I invest this kind of money, rather than just starting my own health coaching business?
We provide the support you need as you start your very own business. We will walk you through the things you need, answer questions and provide the knowledge that you require in order to be the best RN health coach you can be. Our proven L.I.T.E. Therapeutics method of health improvement is unparalleled and you can be certified in it exclusively through us.

We have also taken the time and hard work out of starting a new business. We have done the research, gathered the information, done the branding and employed professional marketers to help us get it right. We supply you with priceless tools that are simply turn-key, like sales letters that you simply customize with your contact information. Put them to work for you and in no time, you’ll be on your way to earning back that initial investment and much more.

As a part of the business services we provide, we even give coaches a respected brand to use. You have the option to use our logo and name or to create one of your very own. We also provide you with a platform to chart, charge and manage your clients. Coming up with all these things on your own will cost you far in excess of the cost of this RN Health Coach Training and Marketing Success kit.

In addition, we market your service through the directory listings on our site. We invest in internet advertising that will bring people to our sites RNHealthCoach.com, CoachWeightLossPrograms.com and StopSmokingCessationPrograms.com. We are the premier online directory for trained and certified RN Health Coaches and as such, we are the go-to point for anyone seeking a health coach.

What should I expect to find in the business in a box?
Included in your RN Health Coach business in a box you will find:

  1. The training manual, along with the marketing guide
  2. Access to the exclusive online certification test
  3. Educational materials & Resources
  4. Branded tape measure
  5. Body fat calipers
  6. Blood glucose kit- Platinum members only
  7. Resource CD, Everything you need to successful as a coach
  8. Point of care Cholesterol checker- Platinum members only
  9. Business document templates, including a business card template, letters, advertisements and much more.

You will also enjoy your directory listings on our site RNHealthCoach.com. This includes a toll-free phone number extension, your own website, coaching tools, access to an additional source of income through our referral program and much more.

Do you offer any guarantee with your product?
As with any training and education based product, how you use the knowledge you acquire is completely within your power. We are confident that the information we provide will equip you with everything you need to start a successful business. However, as with any business the results you see mirror the efforts you put into it. Therefore it would be impossible for us to make any guarantees regarding the success of your RN Health Coach business.

The product we specialize in is the education and training package on becoming a RN Health Coach and starting your own RN Health Coaching business. The marketing support that we have added to our product is simply an extra for you which allows you to take advantage of excellent tools that have been professionally produced with just this market niche in mind.

How do new coaches get clients to sign up with them?
This and many other questions of its type will be answered in the training plan. The marketing tools that we have developed will give you exactly what you need. There is even an amazing sales letter included that if sent, will have clients come pouring in. Your online listing through our site and its affiliates will also help you find new clients, but it will not be the only way in which you attract new clients. We provide you with the tools, however, you must work with them in order to attract the number of clients you need and want.

Why would clients choose to hire me as a health coach instead of using a personal trainer, a weight loss support group or even doing it themselves?
This is the core behind our program. We provide you with specialized training that complements the knowledge you already possess as an RN, to make you uniquely qualified as a Health Coach who specializes in tailoring health improvement plans for individuals.

Each person’s lifestyle and health status is different. These differences are not taken into account with traditional weight loss programs. Personal trainers simply lack the medical background to factor in health issues as a part of weight loss. As for doing it themselves, anyone who has ever battled weight issues can tell you that it is not an easy thing to do alone. The average person lacks the specialized knowledge of how their health affects their weight loss efforts. They need professional help and support.

You will able to offer that support and guidance to help your clients make the right choices to help them break through their weight loss barriers. In addition, the certification you receive through our exclusive RN only program will inspire your clients’ trust in you and L.I.T.E. Therapeutics.

What type of relationship do you have with the nurses you train?

While we are there to help our nurses in any way we can while they are taking our training course or opening their business, our relationship status following this initial period is non-existent. For those who are listed on our directory, a link is provided directly to the nurse’s own URL for the potential client to easily and quickly be able to contact the Health Coach. We do not play the role of intermediary. No commissions or fees are due, with the exception of dues related to directory listing. Nurses work completely independently from L.I.T.E. Therapeutics.

How do you actively assist in providing me with clients?

As a part of your RN Health Coach business in a box, you will receive a variety of professionally prepared marketing communication tools which you can customize and use in building and growing your business. These tools are self-explanatory and are meant to help you tap into the absolute best resources for finding clientele.

In addition, we drive traffic to your directory listing on our site through internet advertising and our affiliate sites such as www.StopSmokingCessationPrograms.com and www.CoachWeightLossPrograms.com. Your potential clients come from keyword searches that lead them to one of our sites. They are then drawn to our main site www.RNHealthCoach.com in order to locate a health coach, like you. We also utilize professional search engine optimization techniques in order to ensure that our site is one of the top ones in the listings when potential clients go looking for a RN Health Coach.

Having your contact information on our directory listing is like a 24-hour a day, non-stop advertisement. It pays for itself over and over again. In fact the toll-free number that comes with it is valued higher than the cost of the $67 monthly fee to be listed on our site.

I didn't see many coaches listed on the consumer site(RNHealthCoach.com) designed to attract clients. Why is that?

Simply put, this is a new site. Our primary product, the education and training we offer, has been around for a while. We have grown a very successful business training RNs to become health coaches and start their own business. The directory-style web site that you are referring to is the latest addition to our offerings. Coaches who took part in our program prior to the launch of this website may or may not be listed on our site. In addition, many of the health coaches we have helped are simply at capacity in terms of clientele and find that word-of-mouth is sufficient to keep their business busy. However, for anyone starting out, our directory is the ideal way for new clients to keep finding you.

Because our web site is so new, we are offering our limited time introductory offer at a discounted price for your RN Health Coach Training and Marketing Success Kit. This gives you the chance to get in on the ground floor and be one of the first RN Health Coaches in your area. You even get free listings on our directory for 1 month with this offer and the chance to earn extra money by recruiting others to do the same. In fact, when you obtain 3 qualified referrals, your health coach listing fees are waived for life.

This introductory offer is only good until the 15 of the proceeding month you receive your introductory offer. A speicial code will be neeeded to enroll, After that the price reverts to the original price.

Why isn't my directory listing visible?

Even though you have purchased your business in a box and become a member of L.I.T.E. Therapeutics, one more thing must be completed before you are listed on our directory. In order to ensure quality, we have made passing a RN Health Coach test a requirement before your listing is made active. You may access the test in the admin area of the site after you log in.

What If I choose not to participate in the public listing, how can I still direct clients to my webpage?

As a member of L.I.T.E. Therapeutics, you will be given a unique URL which you can use on your business cards, documents and other marketing tools. This will allow you to direct your potential clients to your own web page.

Can I just pay $67/month for the directory listing only and not take the health coach course and business kit?

No. Coaches who are listed on our site must complete the training and the subsequent test successfully in order to have their listing become active. We pride ourselves on listing only the best RN Health Coaches available, those who have received a certificate through our training course. They alone have the specialized knowledge to reflect our belief of an individualized health improvement plan which takes medical conditions into account being the best possible course of action. Our commitment to quality and offering a uniform service forbids us from listing those who we cannot professionally endorse

Why must I have PayPal?

PayPal is needed to so that you can collect payment from your clients in an expedient and secure manner. Billing is simple and anyone can use it. This is also our payment method of choice when paying you for referrals made on our behalf.

Can I still participate in the nurse referral program that pays up to 50% of sales per registered coach without enrolling in your training program?

No. The referral program is a benefit exclusive to those who have invested in our program; understand exactly what it takes to be an RN Health Coach; and can personally attest to the value of our training program. It is one of the multiple streams of income that you get to enjoy following completion of our certification process.

I tried to enroll in your training program however the price is much greater than quoted to me previously.

From time to time we run specials and promotions on our training program. Such promotions are time-sensitive and therefore the increase in price may reflect the fact the promotion is no longer valid. However, certain promotions require a special coupon code for the price adjustment to appear when you are paying online. If you have such a code, enter it when prompted for the adjusted price.

Tell me more about your new leads program.

We have been working hard to make sure that our RN Health Coaches have the best support we can possibly give them. With this in mind, we have created a new feature for those listed in our online directory. We will be forwarding exclusive leads to coaches on our site. Previously, leads were of a more passive nature.

This change will be made by offering an option on the public page to “Have a coach in your area call you.” When a potential client chooses this option, his or her contact information will be sent to one of the qualified RN Health Coaches serving that area. This extra perk will be included free of charge to those health coaches who have been in the directory for 1 months. This is to ensure that contact it actually made with the clients. If someone takes the training course and for any reason does not actually start a health coaching business, his or her initial 1 month free listing will have expired.

Do you have testimonials?

Our best testimonial is our company history. RNHealthCoach.com and L.I.T.E. Therapeutics was started by nurses who did exactly what you are thinking of doing. They saw a need, wanted to use their RN skills to earn extra money and started their very own very successful health coaching business.


Will you provide me with a RN Health Coach to talk to ?

No. It is a company policy that we don’t endorse any particular nurse(s). This is done for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, we don’t want to give the perception that you are working for us.  Ultimately you are working for yourself. You are your own boss. The success is highly indicative of the effort and the work that you put in. Much like the nursing school that provided you with your education, we offer specific training in a specialized area of nursing. What you do with that wealth of information is up to you and will differ from one Nurse to the other. Results vary depending on how you choose to structure your business whether it is as a full time career or an adjunct to your existing job. The bottom line is that being a RN health coach is what you make of it.  A breakthrough formula: be the best RN Health Coach you can be and get the results you've dreamed of. 



Why so expensive?

Initially, a lot of Coaches prematurely judge our training course as expensive.
We then pose the follow up question, “compared to what?”
The cost of purchasing a franchise?
The cost of going into or starting a business yourself?
The cost of alternative programs for nurses, such as Legal Nurse Consulting?

When these questions are examined, Nurses such as yourselves quickly realize the value in our program.


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